The American Pediatric Surgical Association
The American Academy of Pediatrics
Frequently Asked Questions:

I have your address, do you have a suite number?
    - No, we do not have a suite number. We are located within the Glenn Medical Village.

Should I bring my insurance card?
    -Please bring all insurance information and copies of any necessary labs or X-rays you may have had before this visit.

Will I have my surgery on the day of my appointment?
    - No. With the exception of minor procedures, all surgeries will be scheduled for a later date. This allows time for your insurance carrier to authorize the procedure and allows us to schedule any pre-operative tests we may need.

Do you perform circumcisions in the office?
    - Circumcisions can be done in the office on patients that are less than 1 month old.

Will my insurance pay for a circumcision?
    - This depends upon your plan. Many health plans, including AHCCCS, no longer pay for elective circumcisions. A medical necessity must be present prior to them authorizing the procedure (i.e. recurrent urinary tract infections, infections of the foreskin requiring antibiotics, phimosis that does not respond to steroid cream).

What Hospitals do you operate at?
    - Our surgeons have operating priveliges at both University Medical Center and Tucson Medical Center.

Do you use Pediatric Anesthesiologists?
    - We have pediatric anesthesia coverage at both hospitals. Pediatric anesthesiologists are specially trained to work with the physiology of infants and children, making anesthesia a much safer procedure than in the past.

My obstetrician did an ultrasound and it looks like there is something wrong with my baby. Can I be seen before the baby is born?
    - Yes. We do counseling before the birth of the baby in order to answer any questions and to prepare you for what to expect after the birth of your baby. Often things are not as bad as you might think. Being able to talk about your concerns before the big day arrives often can ease some of the stress of waiting.